5th - 21st October 2018

Story Time

Image of two teddy bears sat with a vintage tea set and a plate of biscuitsSuchitra Hegde


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  • Image of two teddy bears sat with a vintage tea set and a plate of biscuits
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Story Time is a fun and interactive session that takes place in libraries across Manchester. We share stories and have fun with arts and crafts. We also give away free books to regular attenders! The sessions are most suitable for children aged 2 to 8 but all family members are welcome. Sessions are in Longsight, Moss Side Powerhouse, Central, Levenshulme, Old Trafford and Wythenshawe libraries on a monthly basis. It’s FREE to attend, just turn up!

If you're not sure where we'll be, you want more information, or you'd like to sign up to a reminders mailing list feel free to email our Children & Young People's Programme Coodinator, whose email is at the bottom of the page. We love it when dads bring their kids, but all family members are welcome, of course.

Manchester Central Library
Please note there is no craft activity at the Central Library sessions
Saturday 13th January 11am
Saturday 10th February 11am
Saturday 10th March 11am
Saturday 14th April 11am
Saturday 12th May 11am
Saturday 16th June 11am
Saturday 14th July 11am
Saturday 11th August 11am

Longsight Library & Learning Centre
Saturday 20th January 11am
Saturday 24th February 11am
Saturday 17th March 11am
Saturday 21st April 11am
Saturday 19th May 11am
Saturday 16th June 11am
Saturday 21st July 11am
Saturday 18th August 11am

Levenshulme Arcadia Library
Monday 8th January 10.30am
Monday 26th February 10.30am
Monday 12th March 10.30am
Monday 23rd April 10.30am
Monday 14th May 10.30am
Monday 18th June 10.30am
Monday 9th July 10.30am

Moss Side Powerhouse Library
Tuesday 9th January 11.30am
Saturday 20th January 2.30pm
Tuesday 13th February 11.30am
Saturday 24th February 2.30pm
Tuesday 13th March 11.30am
Saturday 17th March 2.30pm
Tuesday 24th April 11.30am
Saturday 21st April 2.30pm
Tuesday 8th May 11.30am
Saturday 19th May 2.30pm
Tuesday 19th June 11.30am
Saturday 16th June 2.30pm
Tuesday 10th July 11.30am
Saturday 21st July 2.30pm
Tuesday 14th August 11.30am
Saturday 18th August 2.30pm

Wythenshawe Forum Library
Saturday 13th January 2.30pm
Saturday 10th February 2.30pm
Saturday 10th March 2.30pm
Saturday 14th April 2.30pm
Saturday 12th May 2.30pm
Saturday 16th June 2.30pm
Saturday 14th July 2.30pm
Saturday 11th August 2.30pm

Old Trafford Library
Friday 19th January 2pm
Friday 9th February 2pm
Friday 16th March 2pm
Friday 20th April 2pm
Friday 18th May 2pm
Friday 15th June 2pm
Friday 20th July 2pm
Friday 17th August 2pm

If you have any questions about any of the above or you want to sign up for the Story Time mailing list, you can get in touch with our Children & Young People's Programme Coordinator: miriam@manchesterliteraturefestival.co.uk

Funding for this project has been provided by Children in Need and the People's Postcode Trust.

Photo by Suchitra Hegde.